Enviro-Toxins Test instructions

How to take the Enviro-Toxins test


Check you have everything you need from the following list:

1 x Specimen collection pot
1 x Ice Brix
1 x Silver thermo bag
1 x Ziplock specimen bag
1 x Plastic returns bag
Consent form with pre paid returns label

How to collect

Limit your liquid intake starting 6pm the night before to avoid sample dilution.

Urine should not be clear. If it is please rinse the collection cup in hot water only and air dry for re-use. Please do not use soap.

Please do not collect samples during menstruation.

Things to avoid

Avoid apples, grapes (including raisins), pears, cranberries as well as their juices or products 48 hours before collection.

Avoid arabinogalactan, echinacea, reishi mushrooms and ribose supplements for 48 hours before collection.


Fill in your details on the specimen label. Include your name, collection date and your DOB.



Open & collect your urine sample first thing in the morning. Ideally before you eat or drink.

Fill 2/3 of the container.


Place the sample in the biohazard zip-lock bag with the absorbent packing sheet



Place the sample alongside the Ice-Brix pack inside the thermo bag and place in the freezer for at least 4 hours.


Sign & return

Once your sample is safely sealed, follow these steps to return your sample for processing by the labs.

01.  Check and sign your consent form and apply the pre-paid returns label to the front of the plastic returns bag.

02.  Take the silver thermo bag from the freezer and place it into the original box along with the completed forms.

03.  Add the box into the plastic returns bag, seal and drop off at any Royal Mail post office.

Viewing your results

Once your sample has been processed you will receive an email confirming your results are ready to be viewed on your account. This is usually within 10-12 days of the lab receiving the sample.

If there are any issues with your sample we will be in touch.