Hormone Test frequently asked questions

What if I miss a collection? 

Simply collect the sample as instructed the following day. All samples do not need to be collected in one 24-hour period. 

Do I have to take the samples in the order listed? 

No, they can be collected in a different order. If you wish you may start with sample #3, followed by #4, #1 & #2. If you begin with #3, collect the extra sample if you wake and urinate in the night. 

How long can I keep the dried samples before sending them in?

While hormone levels are very stable in dried samples, they should be sent back as soon as possible. If you have to wait to send them in, place in freezer (in plastic bag) after drying. 

Do I need to stop taking my hormones for this test? 

This test is built to test patients “on” their hormones. Our suggestion is to follow the Hormone Schedule (listed previously), and any specific instructions given by your provider. 

What if my sleep schedule is abnormal (night workers, etc.)? 

Collect the bedtime sample (#2) before your longest stretch of sleep, the waking sample (#3) after this sleeping period, and sample #4 two hours later. The dinnertime sample (#1) should be collected 4-7 hours before bed. 

What if I am unable to urinate at the specific time? 

Simply drink some fluids and go as soon as you are able.

Can I take this test if I am pregnant or breastfeeding?

It is our recommendation that you wait until you are no longer pregnant or breastfeeding and have had 3 cycles for your hormones to return to a true baseline level.