Sex Hormone Complete - Female & Male FAQs

Below are a list of some commonly asked questions which may help in answering queries you may have

Q: What is the difference between the Hormone dried urine test (DUTCH) and the Sex Hormones blood tests (both Female and Male)?

A:  They are both excellent test and will give you different information.  The blood test looks at how much hormones are being produced and why the body is producing that level, whereas the DUTCH urine test looks at how they are being processed in the body and if any of these processes are driving inflammation.

Q: What is the best time in the cycle to take the Sex Hormone Complete Female blood test?
A:  The optimum time to take your Sex Hormone Test would be between days 19-21.
Q: Will taking HRT affect my results?
A: HRT that has been prescribed to balance out estrogen is unlikely to affect the results. If you have any concerns then please contact for further assistance. 
Q: What is the best time to test FSH levels?
A: FSH testing looks at two common parts either the first five days of a cycle or day 19-21.  Respectively these look at the base of the follicle phase or the peak within the luteal phase.  Here at Omnos we choose to look at the peak within the luteal phase.
Q: Should I stop consumption of caffeine and alcohol before taking my test?
A: Yes. We advise abstaining from caffeine for 12 hours before you take your test. For alcohol we recommend abstaining for 36 hours before you take your test.